picsart_1467127678362We are Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann. (CBIE).

Irish Instinctive Archery Association.(IIAA).

It was founded 2015 by Noel (OllieBow) Cullen and co founders Andrew Wayland and Stephen Clarke. Our aim is to promote instinctive archery shooting( ie: NO SIGHTS OR PEEPS, STABILISERS OR AIMING DEVICE, STRING WALKING) keeping both eyes open and having FUN. Here you will find instinctive information, photos, and the odd link or two on books and sites. The Association runs at least one instinctive archery open competition per year called IIAC with prize medals and there are perpetual trophies for CBIE members. The Association is open to all amateur archers and bow styles as long as they only shoot by our instinctive rules. Membership was only for archers on the island of Ireland but we have now extended it internationally from 2017.

Our aim is to have an instinctive archery organisation that works on an individual archer basis rather than clubs, although that could change in the future.

So if your an archer no matter where you live and you want to join us gang in Ireland for our next event and shoot that stick and string of yours, have the craic and maybe win a trophy then we’re the group for you.
So have FUN, shoot Straight and keep those eyes OPEN. But most of all BE INSTINCTIVE…..