Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann (Irish Instinctive Archery Association) (IIAA/CBIE)


The Rules and regulations were originally constructed in January 2015.

 1. Name: The name of the amateur association is “Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann”,in English “Irish Instinctive Archery Association”, short form IIAA/CBIE. Care location at Killiney View, Newtownpark Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. email,

Banking AIB.

Original Founder  Noel (Ollie) Cullen.

Co Founders: Andrew Wayland and Stephen Clarke.

2. Objectives: 

A: To promote instinctive archery in all forms and bow styles at all levels not only on the island of Ireland (North and South),but also International.

B: The association believes that instinctive archery is the true nature of every archer to use a bow in any stance without the aid of any mechanical sight, aiming device or stabilizer, String walking, with the exception of both eyes which must be kept open.

C: The association believes that instinctive archery can simulate the hunt and provide as much fun and pleasure, giving the archer the chance to hone their instinctive archery skills.

D: The association believes the true spirit of instinctive archery is the instinctive capabilities of the archer to use any bow with their skills in any simulated hunting experience and archery trial.

E: The association will do its best to encourage participation in domestic and international arenas. However,It will be up to the individual archer.

F:The association will adhere any Irish laws in regard to the use of a bow and arrow and any policies concerning Children and Vulnerable Adults and Anti Doping in sports as laid down by Irish Law or any appropriate sports authority.

G: (a). The association believes that SAFETY is paramount and all members must adhere to all safety measures put in place while taking part in an association shoot (competition) or any other SHOOT not run by our association while representing our association. (b) It is against the laws of Ireland to hunt,kill or injure any animal with the use of a bow and arrow, any member found to be doing so by the association or authorities or any other archery association or NGB’ s shall receive an automatic ban from our association.

H:The association believes at this moment there will no clubs in the association only individual members. This can change in the future under circumstances.

I: The association recognizes all other archery organisations and their contribution and promotion to archery.

J: The association believes there should be a fee for membership which is at the discretion of the association and will do it’s best to keep this affordable.

K: The association can affiliate to any other organisation deemed appropriate by the association

L: Article L. in the rules and regulations and Article 3.A in Management cannot be changed even by vote.

M: The association shall open a bank account in the associations name to deal with all funds coming and going through the association. Funds going out shall have dual signatures by the nominated staff, in agreement by the association and the bank. The association shall never look to borrow funds from any financial institution unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3: Management:

3A: The association shall be run by the founder(s) or another given member with the founder(s) consent or vote and any member(s) wishing to be volunteer staff in certain roles. These roles include Chairperson, Secretary, Accounts, Safety, Course layout, Stewards, Membership and Liaison staff. The founder(s) will have the final say on any changes to be made in the association.

B: The association will do its best to provide one event per year in instinctive archery. For now.

 4: Insurance:

Insurance for members will only be provided by an authorised broker regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

5: Dissolution of the Association and change of management: 

The founder(s) under certain circumstances may dissolve the association and all paid members will be refunded. The founder(s) under certain circumstances may nominate a predecessor to take over the running of the association.